About Me

Welcome to Naandaak and my tasty kitchen.

My name is Maryam, the voice behind Naandaak and I’m so happy to have you all joining my new journey.

I was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to New Zealand, Auckland with my husband when I was 32. I started working as a baker in Bluebells cakery for 2 years as my first professional experience in a commercial kitchen. It was short but full of new experience.

I never saw my grandfather who was a chef but I guess the love of cooking is something in blood and because of that I never get tired of searching and making new recipe even if I fail.

Here in Naandaak my main focus is introducing Persian cuisine with all recipes that I grew up with them but in my own way. Also I will share all my baking experience with you, so don’t hesitate to ask me your questions and also provide me with your feedbacks.